Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sharing their stories

It was the right moment. I read some: Isak Dineson's The Iguana, George Orwell's To Kill an Elephant, and Abigail Witherspoon's essay on writing other people's term papers. I knew, in a general sense, how I wanted all my stuff arranged in my room. I decided not to use my aquarium, having thought that no enclosure completely contained separate from the outside environment could properly care for its inhabitants indefinitely. Animals, wild and domestic, need to live outside at least part of the time, that is the only humane way to see them. I decided to work through the night, and I did until 5:30 the next morning, to get it all done. Earlier in the day I had laid out my collection of books and magazines to see what I should store and what should be displayed. After I finished cleaning the den, which had been delayed in its completion for some two months, all that remained was some minor organization (both inside and out) and the purchase of some mattresses for children and guests. I need to build/buy some furniture as well.

The food research has been going well, I have all the information from Feburary and only need to input it into my excel worksheet format. I have also a collection of complex food recipes that I should place in a system to familiarize myself with them more and use as an expandable reference. Spring is on its way in and I need to learn more about local resources for vegetating bare ground. I will also learn about building outdoor storage, tents/sheds and turning my logs into a split rail or log fence of some sort. Eric Sloane may have some books that could describe some details of construction. Then there is also work and taxes to think about. But things are moving forward, and it is always nice to read nonfiction stories like those of Dineson and Orwell, in whom I really feel a kindred spirit, people who, across time, see or have seen things in the same way I have and continue to. It makes the work surprisingly easier.

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