Monday, February 1, 2010

goal mapping

I want to represent my goals in a new format, a sort of hierarchy/network/flow chart. I guess the best way to describe is is like those “Internet map” images, a tangled mass of nodes and rays connecting to one another. My “goal map” would also be many dimensional, so that it could contain all different kinds of information about those goals, even including the particular seasons the goals become more/less important, etc. I started it already, but it will be very hard to create it in electronic format, even harder to periodically update as needed. I wouldn't imagine that there is a freeware program that could help me do this? (Hmm... looks like there is, more to come here later...)

(Update 2/3/10)
And the software I chose to try is called FreeMind, which is very easy to use and the results are nice.  But there are a lot of other interesting options available.  I ran into one hitch while installing it that was solved by temporarily changing one of the language preferences on my computer (so that it would run in English instead of Japanese).  It was a simple solution that I found here.

Here are two mind maps I made using this program:

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