Sunday, May 3, 2009

perspectives on work

Compassion is the wish for someone to be free from suffering, or at the very least that their suffering will diminish. It's a big deal to Mahayana Buddhists. I don't claim to be Buddhist, but I do need to have compassion for my work, to hope that it will be conducted with high standards for quality and be praised for its merits. My work is the foundation for all wholesome things in my life. But that is not enough reason, the best reason is becuase unlike anything else, only I can rescue my work and elevate it to its rightful position. It suffers the most of all, and it desperately needs my attention and compassion more than anything else. Were I to neglect it, it will surely die. Of what else could this be said? I think I should attend first to those things that suffer most for lack of my attention, and only later on those that can survive just as well without me.

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aratina said...

I hope you have been able to focus on the things needing attention.