Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The predator's mind is always fixed on its prey. It's senses are tuned to seek it out. It's body is ready to attack it. "I will not be robbed of the joy of victory. Success will be mine."
Nature, red in tooth and claw -Tennyson

What reaction does this photo elicit from the human observer? It is easier to identify with the seal, but if you were in the mind of the shark what would you be thinking or feeling? Aggression, hatred, fear, joy? None of the above? Source


aratina said...

How about pain--the pain of hunger? :)

Keir said...

Most definitely yes! A very powerful motivator indeed.

aratina said...

Some behaviors in animals and humans are just too strong to suppress. I have often wondered if canine neurologists have ever studied the impulse of dogs to bark. It almost seems like a similar phenomenon to laughing in humans, like they can't help it.