Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water water everywhere!

Today it has been raining off and on, and after coming home from work this afternoon I decided to clean around the house and noticed that the rainwater tank had finally overflowed! Then it began to rain again, but the gutters were overflowing. Why? Suspecting the downspout was clogged with leaves, I hooked up my extension ladder (which had been taken apart for "walking ladder" practice a few years ago) and cleared the hole. A great gush of water momentarily overwhelmed the pipe delivering the water to the tank. With the steady rain, the overflow from the tank poured out water like a bathtub faucet. Even knowing I had saved 1500 gallons, I didn't want to waste any and quickly filled up nearly 30 gallons of water in buckets. Had the holding capacity been larger, I am sure that many more gallons of water could be collected during the coming week. It is still raining steadily outside.

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